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For businesses with a campus or large plant facilities, equipping personnel with P2T phones enables instant communications for all employees, replacing pagers and public address systems while maintaining personal and private communications.
We can see the job foreman using P2T to immediately give his workers instructions just the same as mom can find out immediately what time her 16 year-old will be home," he said.
Currently in trials with carriers and service providers globally, fastmobile actively supports the growth of P2T services through standards collaboration, delivering solutions that will fully support the evolving OMA PoC standard as well as the pre-OMA implementations of certain other infrastructure solutions.
Designed for mainstream business and consumer customers, the Kodiak Real-Time Exchange(TM) System is a breakthrough in wireless communication, enabling carriers to offer individuals and groups instant P2T voice conversations over existing core network infrastructures.
This new working group will help us all standardise the protocols and expand the market; it will be somewhere for everyone working on P2T to go to.