P2VPPoly(2-Vinyl Pyridine)
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The main reasons for this are the highly localized radical concentration on the particle surfaces and the high propagation rate of P2VP radicals [14, 19].
We carried out permanent locking of the CC-CBP-2VP film by quaternization cross-linking of P2VP brush phases with 1,4-dibromobutane.
Permanent locking of this colloidal crystal was performed by quaternization cross-linking of the P2VP domains with 1,4-dibromobutane.
These changes could be attributed to the inhibition of secondary nucleation of PEO by the glass P2VP block.
As the length of hydrophilic P2VP coils increased from 35-55 nm, a similar morphological transformation was observed.
Figures 3(a)-3(d) show TEM images of P[F.sub.10]-b-P2V[P.sub.75] in mixed solvents of MeOH/THF, in which the longer P2VP chains in P[F.sub.10]-b-P2V[P.sub.75] provide a stronger driving force to form a long cylindrical morphology, leading to the coexistence of spherical and short worm-like micelle aggregates in the pure THF solution.
The degree of hypsochromic shift and the decrease in PL quantum yield increased as the length of P2VP coils and the content of the poor solvent increased, indicating that photophysical properties can be manipulated by the coil length of the P2VP block and the selectivity of the solvents.