P2WPay to Win (gaming slang)
P2WPhone to Web
P2WPower to Weight (ratio)
P2WPassport To Wealth (internet based program)
P2WPowered Two-Wheeler (motorbike; UK)
P2WPlay to Win (gaming)
P2WPowerPoint Warfare (slang for excessive use of briefing slides)
P2WProgress to Work (job training program; UK)
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For more information on the P2W and Reach Out projects call 01928 568593 or log on to www.tsp.org.uk/page5.htm.
Groove is both a P2P and a P2W (Peer-to-Web) technology that allows individuals to share information over the Internet in real time (or at different times) without the use of a server, via the use of shared "virtual spaces".
Tenders are invited for Shifting of 3p3w 11 Line, 1 p2w, 3p4w, 3p5w LT lines and S/S from 39/5 to 52/0 Km Bomda Athamallik Kiakata Road due to widening of R&B Road under Athamallik Electrical Section