P3DPhase 3, Satellite D (amateur radio satellite)
P3DPlans, Policy, and Programs Division
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This capability is built into X-Plane, but requires an add-on like FSXFlight to work with FSX or P3D.
X-Plane has pretty good weather control built in, but you'll probably want to add it to FSX or P3D using Active Sky or Rex Weather Architect.
For example, one IFR staff member's go-to instrument practice system is P3D with the RealAir Lancair Legacy and the GTN 650 plug-in.
Entering the modernized system for the operational point of view:- Increasing coverage in depth FIR neighboring Poland,- Improving coverage area to contact the system P3D-LKMT systems P3D-LKTB and P3D-WS Prague- Transferring operations to a new facility without interruption, considering the absence of SSR radar coverage surrounding BUKOP, Vienna, MAPLE at elevations below 6000 feet MSL throughout CTR LKMT,- Current and modernized system P3D,- LKMT must be operational throughout the simultaneous operation of old and new, TWR,- Adding functions HMI device CWS Ground (G-CWS).
In developing the system P3D is necessary to ensure the data connection of new sites for the location of sensors systems, from sites Kamiko, abundant water and armor.
Product Name: Portable 3D Measuring System - P3D NC-2323S
The compact P3D NC-2323S is easy to carry and can be operated with a push of a button and without a computer.
The P3D has been made small, light and energy efficient through the use of the newly developed MEMS* projector and laser source.