P3HTPoly (3-Hexylthiophene)
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Alkane dithiols have been the best recognized category of "processing additive," effectual in modifying the morphology in quite a lot of polymer classifications including classical P3HT donor polymer as well as for group of some low band gap polymers.
Systematization over the morphology of the composite in the solvent mixture method was complicated as the P3HT crystallization and requisite phase separation of components take place in a single stage.
P3HT and PCBM were chosen for use in a bulk heterojunction cell, as they are the most widely accepted materials.
Material Type Solvent Chlorobenzene/Dichlorobenzene Conjugated Polymer P3HT Fullerene Acceptor PCBM Polymer Additive PEDOT:PSS Substrate ITO Coated Glass/PET Metal Electrode Aluminum/Silver Table 2.
The cosolvent, which is added in small amounts to the blend, controls the aggregation of P3HT in the blend mixture owing to the lesser solubility of P3HT chains in this added co-solvent [12].
P3HT donor polymer) crucial to the process of photon absorption.
Electrical bistability was also demonstrated in a polymer memory device with an active layer consisting of P3HT and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) capped with 1-dodecanethiol sandwiched between aluminum bottom and top electrodes [41].
After the above report, polymer memory devices based on P3HT and nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes (CNTs) or nanorods were rapidly developed.
It is desired that the wetting gradient between the adhesion work of one microphase PS and P3HT [W.
To solve the solvent compatibility issue, the P3HT ([M.
As the insulating character of P3HT increases, carrier mobility or carrier concentration decreases with decreasing temperature as has been observed in the low temperature range [3], which indicates impurities and/or chemical defects rather than just structural defects alone play an important role in the conductivity of a polymer; furthermore, this conclusion is consistent with the polaronic conduction mechanisms proposed.
A detailed study of the photodegradation of P3HT has recently been presented by Holdcroft (20).