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P3PPlatform for Privacy Preferences
P3PPrivacy Preferences Platform (Internet privacy)
P3PPlatform for Privacy Preference Project
P3PPentium III Processor
P3PProcollagen 3 Peptide (biochemistry)
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The P3P mindset is a common vision that will ensure that ongoing solutions to current challenges reinforce that alignment.
Hence, if the host role as a "super-peer", the policy agent will has the responsibility to encode data collection and data usage practices as P3P policies via XML statements which are answering questions concerning purpose of collection, the recipients of these profiles, and the retention policy.
IE by default blocks third-party cookies unless a site presents to the browser a P3P Compact Policy Statement describing how the site will use the cookie and pledging not to track the user.
WEB PRIVACY WITH P3P 43-57 (2002) (discussing P3P's origin and
Por otra parte, los resultados de las mediciones efectuadas en material arqueologico, cuyas condiciones de crecimiento desconocemos, marcan una diferencia de -0,98 con respecto a P3P, la unidad de vegetacion actual mas arida del Ambato y de + 0,81 en relacion con los ejemplares coleccionados en El Quemado y San Martin.
(114.) See HUTTO & ATKINSON, supra note 110, at 5; see also P3P Writer Home Page, http://www.p3pwriter.com/LRN_000.asp (under Personally Identifiable Information) (last visited Mar.
- the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), which allows internet users to analyse the privacy policies of websites and check their compliance with the expressed preferences of the user as to the information which he does not mind being passed on.
P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences) is one such technology.
The public demand for third-party verification (Harris Interactive 2002) and slow adoption of Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), the automated browser privacy program by individual Web sites, suggest that use of third-party seal verification programs is likely to increase (Festa 2002).