P3RPost Publication Peer Review (pediatrics rapid responses)
P3RPittsburgh Three Rivers Volleyball Club (Pennsylvania)
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“P3R Publicity's Corporate Department experienced significant growth in the Technology PR and Corporate PR sector, and we needed to ensure that our clients would receive a dedicated level of excellent service,” said Ola Danilina, CEO/Founder of P3R Publicity and PMBC Group.
“Sheila Blagg has created a great resource website for individuals looking to rebuild their lives through social networking,” said Ola Danilina, CEO/Owner of P3R Publicity.
“Ola and her team at P3R displayed creative ideas to effectively implement a strategic campaign.”
“We are very excited about beginning this new relationship with business industry leader Inessa Obenhuber,” says Ola Danilina, CEO/Owner of P3R Publicity.
the management of the thermal installations of the municipal buildings include: - the heating of premises in the typical market market "market - temperature" market (p1), - supply of domestic hot water (e1) on certain buildings, - preventive and corrective maintenance with routine maintenance of heating, cooling and domestic hot water (p2) installations, - the major maintenance and renewal (p3 and p3r).
the major maintenance and renewal (p3 and p3r) .The duration of the contract is a firm period of 5 years with effect from 01/05/2019
The purpose of this contract is to have the holder take charge of: - supply of energy (p1 fuel / heat) - driving, routine maintenance (p2), total warranty (p3): - installations for collective heating production and where there is production of domestic hot water and production of cold, - solar preheating installations, where they exist, - domestic hot water treatment installations (where applicable), - heating distribution systems and where there is cold and domestic hot water, - improvement and rehabilitation works (p3r).
Contract notice: maintenance of gas (p2) and (p3) wall boilers, collective and individual gas and sanitary vmcs, equipment replacement (p3r) co detectors for the pinal habitat heritage
The stipulations of this contract define the services and rules of intervention relating to: - operation and maintenance services for propane gas supply facilities, it is specified that this maintenance market includes the services p1, p2 and p3r of the real estate complexes of the siap - 1 square debussy - cs 41001 - 45308 pithiviers cedex , and described in annex 1 to the act of engagement.
the purpose of this consultation is to operate pf, Pfi, Mti or mci type collective heating systems for the production of heating, Domestic hot water and air conditioning, Including all or some of the following services: - fuel supply management (the remuneration of which is commonly called p1), - conducting facilities and minor maintenance work (the remuneration of which is commonly called p2), - major maintenance and renewal of equipment (the remuneration of which is commonly called p3), - renewal with technical improvements in energy savings or operation (the remuneration of which is commonly called p3r).
The purpose of this contract is to provide maintenance services (p 2 + p 3 + p3r) for the following technical installations: - boilers, bath heaters, - thermodynamic hot water tanks, - pellet stoves, - solar dhw production equipment, - hot water circuits, - flue gas exhaust ducts (including suction cups), - ventilation installations (vmc), including collective and individual gases.