P3TPersonalized Patient Protocol Technology (MEDRAD Inc technology for contrast media delivery)
P3TParallel Porting and Productizing Team
P3TPlaystation 3 Theme (file extension)
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The P3T line also includes cardiac and abdominal CT software versions that automate each patient's optimal contrast dose for studies addressing these areas of the anatomy.
A clinical trial to rule out pulmonary embolism showed that P3T Cardiac provided greater contrast enhancement of the pulmonary arteries, resulting in a higher percentage of diagnostic exams to rule out pulmonary embolism when compared to standard injection protocols.
Each new P3T application we release furthers our commitment to outcome-based innovation, and enables more patients to receive the benefits personalized imaging delivers.
com Unveils Next Generation Research and Estimates Platform CL48350 11/24/2008 16:37 r f PA-MEDRAD-software (WARRENDALE) MEDRAD Builds on Success of P3T Cardiac CT Injection Software
is working on advancing the P3T family of products for clinical applications beyond Cardiac CT.