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P45Proteins of 45 Kilodaltons
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It's just a pity that it's not a real P45 for the entire Conservative Party.
Writing on his Twitter feed shortly afterwards, Brodkin said: "Hi @BorisJohnson, I gave Theresa her P45 just like you asked.
0, 50 and 90 kg P2O5 ha-1 (P0, P45 and P90, respectively) assigned to main plots and three rhizobacterial treatments, assigned to sub-plots, viz.
Unfortunately the P45 was received before the letter explaining the progress of the transfer.
WHOOPS: Jeremy Clarkson in his Coventry Uni-designed P45 - with the wrong plate
BUNGLING council staff sent a top Tyneside councillor his P45 by mistake.
I even had to contact the girl in admin to send me my final payslip and have not yet received my final P45.
Of course I do, but there is a significant deterrent in that my P45 would be on my desk before we reached the weather.
Hopefully scary Harriet, the instigator of this cover-up, will be the first to get her P45.
I have not been given any proper reason why I have been sacked, and have just had a letter confirming my termination date which included my P45, one week's statutory notice and my accrued holiday entitlement.
Whoever thought this idea up needs a brain transplant, and their P45 in an envelope.
17-10-37, the ECC Board hiked the current PT reimbursement amount for persons with work-related disabilities (PWRD) from P45 by over P400 so it would be more responsive to their needs.