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P45Proteins of 45 Kilodaltons
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But Middlesbrough Council confirms it was an "administrative error" which led to P45s being sent out.
Unfortunately the P45 was received before the letter explaining the progress of the transfer.
Now I'm appealing for him to get in touch so I can give him his P45 back, although the way he's going I don't think he'll be needing it anytime soon.
WHOOPS: Jeremy Clarkson in his Coventry Uni-designed P45 - with the wrong plate
30pm to be told they had not recieved my pay slips or P45, and they could do nothing about my claim until they had them.
Full story, plus the Reds fan behind takeover - P46,47; Lawro on Liverpool's dire squad - P45
Doesn't she realise that any Tory budget after the election would be one based around massive cuts to our public services and a P45 for thousands of public sector workers like myself?
Of course I do, but there is a significant deterrent in that my P45 would be on my desk before we reached the weather.
If a company caught an employee stealing or fiddling the figures, they would be instantly dismissed and before the ink on their P45 was dry, sued for fraud and either fined accordingly or put in jail.
After reading his article on Kahr's new P45, I decided to try his ideas out for one of my projects as a student gunsmith at Colorado's School of Trades.
An investigation into pregnancy discrimination was launched yesterday after a mother received a congratulations card on the birth of her baby along with her P45.