P4APersona 4 the Animation (game)
P4APersona 4 Arena (game)
P4APHP For Applications
P4AProgrammable Powdered Preform Process for Aerospace
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He was even compared to the former Prime Ministers of the country "Nehru and Vajpayee" (P4A, 24 years, student) who were famous for being great orators.
Study participants Level Experiment Control Grade One (P1) Reading P1B (n = 18, 10 P1C (n = 14, 8 boys, 8 girls) boys, 6 girls) Grade Two (P2) Reading P2B (n = 16, 9 P2C (n = 16, 9 boys, 7 girls) boys, 7 girls) Grade Three (P3) Speaking P3B (n = 16, 10 P3A (n = 13, 7 boys, 6 girls) boys, 6 girls) Grade Four (P4) Speaking P4B (n = 13, 9 P4A (n = 14, 9 boys, 4 girls) boys, 5 girls) Table 2.
Evian's real use of 'moments' -- from Eid to Halloween and even National Fries Day -- in social media is another great example of P4A. Go ahead, plan for it not on a hunch, but based on hard data, and a calen- dar for appropriate messaging and action.
Based on STS theory, we suggest such behaviors as co-opting the routing of information (Pla), diverging abilities to communicate (P2a), basing decisions on social harmony (P3a), and failing to keep knowledge explicit (P4a).
P4a: The positive relationship between workaholic personality traits and workaholism is stronger when there is greater adherence to intrinsic work values.
P4A: Individuals who are different from the most powerful group in the organization in demographic categories such as age, gender, and race, will be less likely to participate in social networks than individuals whose demographics are similar.
P4a: ?Los personajes masculinos son presentados en avisos cuya apelacion se dirige a la racionalidad y los personajes femeninos son presentados en avisos cuya apelacion se dirige a la emocionalidad?
P4a: The consumer's perceived supreme conspicuousness of purchased luxury product or service as an indicator of elitism and wealth is positively related to the social luxury value perception for status-seeking consumers.
P4a. De acuerdo con el genero de los participantes, (la "amistad') bien podria dividirse en amistad homosocial y amistad heterosocial.
Biostratigraphy and age: Finally, in the last unit, the following zones of planktic foraminifera have been recognized: Parasubbotina pseudobulloides (corresponding to the P1b zone of Berggren and Norris, 1997), Praemurica trinidadensis (P1c), Praemurica uncinata (P2), Morozovella angulata (lower part of P3a), Igorina pusilla (upper part of P3a and P3b), and Globanomalina pseudomenardii (P4a and b).
They included the following crystal types in Table 1: two columns with plates in line, X-type combination of four columns, plate with long extensions, plate with stellar extensions, plate with short ornamental (lily type) extensions, plate with long ornamental (lily type) extensions, 12-branch stars (P4a) or dendrites (P4b), dendrites with four branches, small daisy type crystals, scrolls (C1i), spherocrystals (I1), almost triangular plates, plates grown at two levels, side planes (S1, S2, S3) and two dendritic branches in line (P3a).