P4CPhilosophy for Children (educational movement)
P4CPress for Conversion (publication; Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade)
P4CPage Four Color
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Formal trainings on facilitating the community of inquiry are offered by some organizations that promote the implementation of the P4C pedagogy.
After conducting lectures on thinking skills, logic and qualitative assessment in P4C, we allowed the participants to experience being part of the community of inquiry where they were able to (re)acquaint themselves with thinking carefully, with listening and genuinely considering the arguments of their peers and with formulating conclusions based on the logical strength of the ideas put forth in the dialogue.
On the other hand, some educators such as Tom Wartenberg do not regard formal training as necessary in becoming an effective P4C facilitator.
Needless to say, I always had a throbbing head after every P4C session and it became a habit to spend some quiet time alone afterward just to let everything sink in and to let my mind move closer to equilibrium again.
This attitude is called 'methodological faith' which helps especially in the beginning of the children's exposure to the P4C pedagogy when they are often characterized by doubt and self-doubt.
Now P4C is predicting at least doubling its turnover again, to well in excess of pounds 2million per annum.
Analysis of twenty-four transcripts of exchanges among eight groups of pupils aged ten to twelve, from three cultural backgrounds (Australia, Mexico and Quebec), reveals that the youngsters are capable, when they have experience with the P4C approach for more than one school year, of exchanging according to a dialogical critical mode; and that many of them achieve, thanks to this environment, an epistemological perspective anchored in inter-subjectivity oriented towards meaning.
Brian Mountford, of the international trade team at Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, said: "We want to help knowledge-based companies like P4C discover the opportunities available in Europe and then continue to support them when they get contracts.
Among these, two groups (from Australia and Mexico) consisted of pupils experienced in the P4C approach, whereas the others were not.
The material used was that of P4C adapted to mathematics (P4CM) (Daniel, Lafortune, Pallascio, & Sykes, 1996).
One group came from a state school with a special commitment to P4C: for the past five years, the praxis of P4C has been one of the school projects; the pupils are from different socioeconomic backgrounds.
where X is a vector of reader demographics, Z is a vector of magazine characteristics, P is the real CPM for a P4C advertisement, and [beta], [theta] and a represent the coefficients.