P4DParcels 4 Delivery (UK)
P4DPollworkers for Democracy
P4DPartnership for Diversity (Charles P. Bonini fellowship program; Stanford University)
P4DPray 4 Death (gaming clan)
P4DPolarized Four-Dot (eyes)
P4DProvincial Committee for Labor Dispute Resolution
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Speaking earlier in his opening remarks, the Deputy Director-General in charge of the P4D Directorate, Ken Dashiell, stated that the meeting was important because it would allow participants to reenergise themselves and to build the momentum for the future, adding that the IITA was 'being highly innovative in Research for Development and Partnership for Development' and that a lot of institutions were watching.
Dashiell added that the institute was already recognised as a top CGIAR Centre in Africa, with investors requesting that it should lead both the R4D and P4D efforts of groups of CGIAR centres in the continent, a position that was corroborated by the IITA DG, Sanginga, who listed the scorecard of the institute for the year 2018, reliving how it won the Africa Food Prize Award in September 2018, among other excellent recognitions being accorded the institute for its impact in agriculture, food security and reduction of poverty in the African continent.
Similarly, a respondent from Delhi noted about his corporate attitude at the national level and the enterprising efforts at the international level, "At a national level [...] he has set timelines under which he wants things to be done in the government offices [...]" (P4D, 24 years, student).
Details of external stakeholders Code Previously voted Location Education level P1D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P2D No New Delhi Postgraduate P3D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P4D Yes New Delhi Graduate P5D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P6D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P7D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P8D No New Delhi Postgraduate P1M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P2M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P3M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P4M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P5M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P6M No Mumbai Postgraduate P7M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P8M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P1G No Ahmedabad Postgraduate P2G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P3G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P4G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P5G Yes Ahmedabad Graduate P6G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P7G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P8G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate Table III.
The following participant eloquently provides supporting evidence: "No, they started a few years ago over the ongoing concerns of ethical conduct in the workplace." (P4D)
Engaging in "in-class exercise" (P4D) was the norm.
Two business schools (P2B and P4D) have a requirement of ethics course for only one particular major, but all students in the business schools are offered an elective in ethics.
Finalmente, un analisis a la P4d permite ver una asociacion entre el rango de edad y el genero de los personajes ([ji al cuadrado] = 87,890 df= 4,p < 0,01).
Finalmente, se detecto que en los avisos publicitarios las mujeres exhiben el cuerpo mas frecuentemente que los hombres (P4c) y aparecen con un promedio de edad menor que el de estos (P4d).
Racional 20,9 20,2 Credibilidad (P46) Usuario (a) 88,9 55,9 105,580 * (2) Experto (a)/Autoridad 0,0 1,6 Indeterminado 11,1 42,5 Vestimenta (P4c) No exhibe el cuerpo 43,5 82,2 100,422 * (2) Exhibe el cuerpo 14,4 6,1 Indeterminado 42,1 11,7 Edad (P4d) Nino-adolescente (<18) 4,1 10,5 87,890 * (4) Joven (18-24) 16,4 5,3 Adulto (25-39) 69,8 51,0 Maduro (40-65) 8,6 30,4 Adulto mayor (>65) 1,0 2,8 * p-value < 0,01.
However, propositions P4a, P4b, and P4d are not supported.
These results suggest, in contrast to the rural sample, some tentative support for propositions P4a, P4c, and P4d. However, as found in the rural sample, proposition P4b cannot be supported.