P4LPartnership for Learning
P4LProperty for London (UK)
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In fiscal year 2005, the P4L and the YES programs, funded at $61 million, will focus more on youth of the Muslim world, specifically targeting non-traditional, non-elite, often female and non-English speaking youth.
P4L, which launched the first Lemonade Day on May 6, 2007, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that prepares middle school students for life by instilling life skills, character education, and entrepreneurship through experiential after school programs.
Four reticle patterns are available, and we selected the P4L first focal plane reticle pattern, which has rangefinding steps at the bottom of the field of view.
P4L registered 2,600 lemonade stands that were supported by more than 5,000 youth for the first Lemonade Day in 2007.