P4LPartnership for Learning
P4LProperty for London (UK)
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Also, the Partnerships for Learning Youth Exchange and Study (P4L YES) Program brought 40 Muslim students to the United States for a full year of academic study in 2004-05.
Expanding the circle of opportunity is the concept behind Partnerships for Learning (P4L), an initiative of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), which seeks to extend our exchange programs to undergraduate college students and also high school students.
The dependent variable was the progesterone level (P4L); the independents variable were: milk production (MP) and sex of calf (SC).
New public diplomacy efforts including the Partnerships for Learning (P4L) and Youth Exchange and Study (YES) initiatives have been created to reach a younger and more diverse audience through academic and professional exchange programs.
Four reticle patterns are available, and we selected the P4L first focal plane reticle pattern, which has rangefinding steps at the bottom of the field of view.