P4MMobile Pentium 4 (Intel laptop processor)
P4MPartners 4 Management (Munich, Germany)
P4MPlants for Members
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In March, it was revealed that OpSec had been forced to breach one of its banking covenants with RBS, which helped to fund the purchase of Light Solutions and P4M.
P4M is a leading provider of online brand protection and monitoring services in Europe which enable brand owners to detect illegal distribution of digital media, identify counterfeit and gray market goods on e-commerce sites, and measure online brand image and customer satisfaction.
The acquisition of P4M extends our capabilities in three fast-growing areas online: anti-piracy to protect unauthorized distribution of digital content, brand monitoring to provide customer and market intelligence, and channel management to optimize online sales strategies.
OpSec and P4M share tremendous synergies in our 'customer-first' service approach, and bring an enhanced offering of technologies to deliver added value to customer engagements.
GE Global Research promises holographic data storage with multi-terabyte capacity for consumers within the next few years; solid performance in holography drives API recovery; K Laser reports continuing growth for 2007, De La Rue turns in another solid performance for the year; Holostik reports 50% increase in sales; Opsec makes second acquisition, of online brand protection company P4M, in as many months; holographic concentrators demonstrate capacity to improve solar power efficiency.
Trading in P4M is well ahead of plan and good progress is being made realising the synergies in the Light Impressions acquisition.
9m, thanks to the contribution of the two acquisitions it made at the start of the financial years--internet monitoring company P4M and hologram supplier Light Impressions.
Elsewhere, Opsec Securities announced that it had acquired P4M Partners 4 Management for EUR10.
He also noted that two acquisitions, Light Impressions and P4M GmbH (see HN 22, Vols 4 and 5) had been successfully completed after the year end, as had a new funding line of [pounds sterling]19m to help finance future organic growth and acquisitions.
The company did not waste much time, using the remainder of this facility to buy P4M for a cash consideration of up to [euro]10.
P4M was formed in 2000, has 16 employees and is a provider of online brand protection and monitoring services in Europe.
The amount of money paid for P4M has surprised many, given that - even if no earn-out bonus of up to [euro]6m is paid the up-front cost of [euro]4.