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P4PPay for Performance (Medicare)
P4PPartnership for Peace
P4PPay for Performance
P4PPedals for Progress (High Bridge, NJ)
P4PProactive Network Provider Participation for P2P
P4PPlayers 4 Players (table football association)
P4PPartnership for Progression (UK)
P4PPhotoshop for Photographers
P4PPlatform for Progress
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Careful assessment of the evidence behind P4P in its current form will reveal that it is largely mythical and the link between pay and performance is not as clear as the public, physicians or payers would hope.
Findings from large-scale observational studies of P4P programs conducted by my colleagues and me suggest a few lessons.
The implementation of P4P technology will reduce costs for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and offer more efficient and friendly services for consumers.
Basing P4P on patient outcomes has its own problems.
They use Bayesian hierarchical models to assess the impact of size on the ability to infer "true" ranks in P4P programs.
The CMS started a P4P initiative on July 1, 2007, offering up to a 1.
In addition to bicycles, P4P also collects and ships used sewing machines.
Make no mistake about this: once enough physicians are fully interoperable, P4P will become a nightmare--all in the name of "quality," of course.
There is much disagreement within the healthcare community regarding the objectives and processes used in developing P4P initiatives.
There are a variety of P4P programs all designed to refocus the health care industry on cost effective quality health care.
The idea of P4P is great as long as my hands aren't tied as they are with an average that must not be exceeded.
Carreon explained that under the P4P umbrella the Chamber had been looking at ways to make the transportation and logistics industry more competitive.