p4psPartnership for Patient Safety (Chicago, IL)
P4PSPlanning for Practice Success (consulting firm)
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president of p4ps, "by focusing on the human impact of medical error and the need for healing of both people and healthcare organizations.
Established in 2000, p4ps is a patient centered initiative to advance the reliability of healthcare systems worldwide.
The films were produced, written and directed by Captains of Industry, a Boston-based strategic marketing communications firm, in close collaboration with p4ps and RMF.
p4ps initiates focused partnerships and joint ventures with organizations and individuals that share its core objective of achieving a healthcare system that is authentically patient-centered and systems-based.
p4ps, in partnership with a patient advocacy foundation and two group purchasing organizations, convenes a multidisciplinary program for healthcare constituents to build or enhance their own safety systems.
To facilitate the continued sharing of knowledge, P4PS is making a CD ROM available of the conference proceedings, and is hosting the first online poster session dedicated to patient safety, providing a unique opportunity for health care professionals and organizations to share their practical experience in reducing medical errors.