P4RPlanning for Real (UK)
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The decrease of P4R concentration follows an exponential decay profile as a function of the irradiation time, Figure 5-Insert.
Based on this figure, the P4R degradation appears to occur in two stages.
In this way, it is observed that the silica coating by Ti[O.sub.2] obtained by sol-gel synthesis resulted in a promising photocatalyst with excellent performance both in the degradation of P4R as catalytic production of hydrogen gas
Photocatalytic assays of P4R degradation were performed using a photocatalytic reactor described in previous studies [43].
The Ministry of Physical Planning, Works and Transport Management said that all the preparations had been completed, and the World Bank's decision would formalize the financing under the P4R by last week of June.
(36) Bank Information Center, "P4R Update: World Bank Approves
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