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P4SPartnerships for Schools (UK)
P4SParents for Science (Canada)
P4SPiperidine-4-Sulphonate (brain research)
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Yun, kaya yung hindi ko nagagawa dati nagagawa ko ngayon sa anak ko.' 'Sabi niya dati mama di mo ko love yakapin tapos ngayon halik ka ng halik yakap ka ng yakap sabi niya.' ' Lalo namang gumanda or nagbuklod ang family namin dahil nga doon sa pagsasama naming pagdadasal ganyan tapos syempre ahh sa mga na isishare ko dun sa asawa ko na isinasabi ko lagi na malaki ng yung tulong ng P4S sa akin kasi nagbago din ako nagbago din ugali ko.' 'Yung pinag-aralan ko sa P4S parang sinishare ko sa asawa ko tapos medyo nakitaan ko rin siya ng pagbabago pati yung hindi lang sa bata kundi sa aming mag asawa.'
The Pioneer P4S has a 4.5-inch display with 480 x 854 pixels resolution.
Assuming that the Terapa P4s and dentary represent the same genus of shrew, the weak pigment and extent of the i1 alveolus establish the Terapa fossils as Notiosorex.
Computers have grown a few generations during the last two decades, moving from 88 processors to 386, 486 processors to the Pentium Is, PIIs to P4s to laptops and notebooks in the 1990s.
Drive selection determines the IP rating and scope of integration: The P4s model with standard drives and cabinet-mounted servo amplifiers is IP 65 rated for washdown duty.
Locks made from two P4s occur in a few 8-letter words which have 4 repeated letters and no singles.
While those of you who read this column might be looking at the latest super 2.5+GHz P4s, this operation is happy to distribute much more modest 386s, 486s and some Pentium-based systems.
If we examine the row (Example 6) we can find three P4s present between adjacent row members (B[MUSICAL NOTES NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to F, F# to C#, and B to E from last to first note).
The Pentium 4 is a real feat of engineering but the first problem comes with the RAM chips used in the current crop of 2GHz P4s.
Top of the Scots Highland dancers showed their skills Loud and proud The P4s told the tale of The Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede A reeling good time was had by all when children, staff and families from St Fillan's Primary School came together to celebrate St Andrew's Day in style.
Top club Due to the tournament structure, Dumfries P4s and Dumfries P6/7s combined to win the overall P4/5 winners Annan Tigers beat Dumfries Black by two points Moffat Rams Back, Campbell Armstrong; front, left to right, Tom Armstrong, Brodie Copland and Jake McKill.