P4VPPoly(4-Vinyl Pyridine)
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From our earlier experience [27, 28] we know that P4VP has the ability to complex with metal/metal oxide nanoparticles and the same could be expected from P4VP grafted on the surface of PTFE.
P4VP was separated by evaporation of ethanol under reduced pressure, and weighed.
PTFE shows a clean single degradation peak at 569[degrees]C (T III), whereas the complexes show a multidegradation pattern which shows three steps for P4VP complex, surfactant, and PTFE.
A shift in the transition temperature to lower temperatures by 3-10[degrees]C was noticed for the composites which could be because of the plasticization effect of P4VP complexes.
Thus, a simple and easy way to modification of PTFE with P4VP towards improving its adhesion strength and compatibility and also further possibility of metallization is shown that can avoid stringent pretreatment methods like plasma, ozone or irradiation techniques that are otherwise regularly used.