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Destacase, ainda, que a mesma apresenta Gap negativo em 4 atributos: P5C (A Empresa cumpre os prazos de entrega estabelecidos); P6C (Demonstra interesse em solucionar problemas dos clientes); P7C (Realiza os servicos consistentemente e de forma confiavel) e P8C (A Empresa cumpre o que foi prometido).
In the eye, a proline deficiency could affect the levels of P5C and the redox state of the lens, leading to cataracts [8].
Conversion of L-ornithine to L-glutamyl-c-semialdehyde can be further metabolized by P5C dehydrogenase for glutamate synthesis [5].
Under osmotic stress plant avoid it by different modification in their metabolisms such as increasing the synthesis of mRNA of delta 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthase (P5CS), where P5CS is a target gene for increasing proline production and expect to improve the resistance to abiotic stress.
P5c: The positive relationship between workaholic personality traits and workaholism is stronger when there is a higher level of vicarious learning at workplace.
Proline oxidase, a mitochondrial enzyme involved in the proline/pyrroline 5-carboxylate (P5C) redox cycle, was up-regulated in sensitive but not in resistant cells.
En 1998 si se hace la separacion, de tal manera que realmente el peso de los trabajadores de baja escolaridad en el trabajo en su domicilio en 1998, es del 64% (sobre la agrupacion de estos valores de la variable, vease en los cuestionarios de la ENEU la pregunta p5c).
P5c: To the extent efforts leading to failed initiatives remain valued by the organization, the knowledge developed during empirical testing will be retained and become the basis for future entrepreneurial activity.
Experiment Number of Measurements number([dagger]) genotypes ([double dagger]) P1 18 [Delta] P2 19 [Delta],A P3 7 [Delta]A,S P4 10 A,S P5A 10 [Delta],A,M,S P5B 10 [Delta],A,M,S P5C 10 [Delta],A,M,S M1 10 A M2 10 A,M M3 10 A,M,S M4A 9 A,M,S M4B 9 A,M,S M4C 9 A,M,S Experiment number([dagger]) Medium PPFD([sections]) mol photons [m.sub.2] [d.sub.-1] Peanut P1 Sand 21 P2 Soil 27 P3 Soil 30 P4 Soln.
P5c.1: Preexisting founder knowledge is positively related to business survival.
P5c: Organizational culture decreases the likelihood of the exercise of deviant discretion.