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P70Pressurized to 70 Millimeters of Mercury
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Currently available, the 8-student/1-teacher system is the first solution of its kind, and includes eight P70 student digital pianos and an additional P70 instructor instrument; nine model matching benches and L70 pianos stands; and a complete LC2 controller system connecting them all together.
In the Computer Reseller News (c) Test Center, the Compaq P70 performance monitor introduced in October, was described as a "high-end monitor ensuring crisp, glare-free picture when compared to other monitors in its class, and at a reasonable price.
According to PNB, the SEC cleared last week the amendments to its Articles of Incorporation, raising its authorized capital stock to P70 billion divided into 1.
Bury Alan Knill The former centreback has established a solid defence at the club, who reached play-offs last term Record P70 W33 L18 D19
The Compaq P70 monitor is specifically designed to meet the most demanding applications of customers working in high-end, graphic-intensive environments, such as CAD/CAE.
As per the management by over P70 billion, recently BDO also purchased the Philippine trust business of Deutsche Bank AG, raising its assets.
Radoc said earlier that the consortium had put foward a bid of P70 million, representing yearly lease payment, for the development of the 5,225 lot in Barangay Ususan, Taguig City.