P8DPixel 8 Design Ltd (South Wales)
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This was substantiated by another respondent, "He has projected a small thing and makes it look big" (P8D, 26 years, student).
Thus, a respondent stated, "Every attribute is exaggerated" (P8D, 26 years, student).
Details of external stakeholders Code Previously voted Location Education level P1D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P2D No New Delhi Postgraduate P3D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P4D Yes New Delhi Graduate P5D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P6D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P7D Yes New Delhi Postgraduate P8D No New Delhi Postgraduate P1M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P2M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P3M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P4M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P5M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P6M No Mumbai Postgraduate P7M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P8M Yes Mumbai Postgraduate P1G No Ahmedabad Postgraduate P2G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P3G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P4G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P5G Yes Ahmedabad Graduate P6G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P7G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate P8G Yes Ahmedabad Postgraduate Table III.