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P90Project 90 (game)
P90Project 90 (Belguim Submachinegun)
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P90 System Adhesive Self-Etch Primer was applied, agitated on the prepared surface for 15 seconds then light cured for 10 seconds.
0, 50 and 90 kg P2O5 ha-1 (P0, P45 and P90, respectively) assigned to main plots and three rhizobacterial treatments, assigned to sub-plots, viz.
The Lenovo P90 smartphone is designed to provide the power and performance to let consumers go fast and get things done.
In addition, the P90 sports an advanced 13MP rear camera with a stacking sensor and optical image stabilisation for brilliant shots, even in low-light.
Thus, it would be expected that EO/P60 and P90/ P90 presented similar means in comparison to G1.
It wasn't very many years ago that the prospect of ever having a semi-auto version of the P90 Personal Defense Weapon seemed unlikely.
3M, the technology company that produces thousands of innovative products for a diverse range of industries, announced today that its breakthrough Filtek(tm) P90 Low Shrink Posterior Restorative System is now available in the UAE.
But seriously folks, for those who work in the LE field, for those who have a Class 3 for whatever reason, the folks at Elite Survival ore pleased to introduce two new submachine gun cases to fit the FN P90 and the PS90.
New for 2006 are the LMS-P90 laser sights for the Ruger P90 in blue or stainless steel finish, the LMS-89 for the Ruger P89 in blue or stainless steel finish and a laser sight for the Smith & Wesson J-frame line of compact revolvers.
The PS90, semiautomatic version of FN's revolutionary P90, delivers all the same features--lightweight, compact and innovative ergonomics--that have made the P90 such a success and has been very well received by our distribution partners.
Lyondell Chemical Company has added Acryflow A90 and P90 acrylic polyols to its resin management concept (RMc).
For instance, GM reported saving one-third in manpower and about six months of time on the entire implementation in tooling, design, construction, and installation on its P90 Malibu project.