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P911Parent alert (chat)
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Code 9 - parent is watching H9 - hate a lot (worse than H8) Jks - joking Pornado - pornographic pop-up windows P999 (P911 in US) - Emergency!
In a survey conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry, the total IPA-approved investments in 2017 amounted to P911.29 billion, higher by 32.9 percent from the P686.95 billion approved in the previous year (2016).
His SALN also showed that his assets grew from P28.428 million in 2016 to P29.34 million in 2017, an increase of about P911,458.
The increase in core earnings was complemented by a 138-percent jump in securities trading gains to P911.5 million.
The AMLC's year-on-year figures show that the total amount of dirty money that has been civilly forfeited has increased by P23.93 million or to P911.87 million in 2017 from P877.941 million in 2016.
The bank's total assets likewise grew by 25 percent to P1.14 trillion from P911 billion in September 2014.