PA-FTIRPhoto-Acoustic Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
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The combination of color/gloss measurements; AFM/SEM, XPS, and PA-FTIR analyses provides a clearer view on how polymeric coatings degrade in natural environments.
The above observations were then confirmed chemically by the surface chemistry analysis (XPS) and PA-FTIR analysis of yellow and white only panels exposed in QUV-A cabinets.
PA-FTIR spectra of powdered silica, clay and talc show that silica and clay have vibrational bands near 1100 [cm.sup.-1].
To confirm the polymer structure in the two OTR tire treads, PA-FTIR spectra were obtained for two cured carbon black-filled compounds having a blend of NR and cis-1,4-polyisoprene with different levels of carbon black (ca.
PA-FTIR spectra could be obtained at 38.4% (compound #4), but not at 50% (compound #5) carbon black (ref.
This demonstrates the simplicity in preparing cured rubber compound samples for PA-FTIR investigations since it was not necessary to remove the rubber from the matrix prior to analysis.
110 [cm.sup.-1] infrared band in the PA-FTIR spectra of tread #1 as the Si-O stretching vibration of silica.