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PA-RISCPrecision Architecture-Reduced Instruction Set Computing (HP)
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Assuming the same applications on both platforms, users won't notice much difference when migrating from HP-UX on HP PA-RISC to HP-UX on Intel Itanium 2, says Dan Nordhues, HP's Director of Product Marketing for PA-RISC and Itanium Workstations.
The HP 9000 offers the prospect of 'hot-swapping' PA-RISC chips with Itaniums, which can run HP-UX applications that were originally written for PA-RISC.
Utilizing HP's PA-RISC technology and its HP-UX operating system, HP-9000 computers are designed to provide high availability and systems-management capabilities.
These new machines are based on standard high-performance processors--such as Hewlett-Packard's PA-RISC processors, a de facto industry-standard workstation architecture--with widely used operating systems, such as Hewlett-Packard's HP-UX.
The LOGIS system uses Hewlett-Packard's HP 3000 Series 900 minicomputers, which run PA-RISC (Precision Architecture-Reduced Instruction Set Computing).
The 832 provides a Unix platform plus HP's Precision Architecture-RISC (PA-RISC).
Maintenance of existing hardware and software and provision of extensions and new equipment for the hp unix server farm dedicated to itanium and pa-risc processor-based management applications, hardware and software maintenance of existing hp x86 servers, associated services training and technical expertise.
The company's hardware infrastructure also includes servers based on HP's now-defunct PA-RISC chips, primarily to run legacy applications.
HP, which has two distinct server lines (PA-RISC and Alpha) with two different operating systems (OpenVMS and HP-UX) that are being converged into its Integrity line of Itanium servers, had bet big on Itanium and it was been hurt by the prolonged rollout of the EPIC architecture that it helped to create with Intel.
--64-processor SPECompMpeak2001: Running 64 Intel Itanium 2 processors at 1.5GHz, the SGI Altix scored 35,042--a 44 percent advantage over the closest competitor, a 64-processor HP Superdome on 875MHx PA-RISC, which scored a peak of 24,318.
The server delivers long-lasting value with easy in-box upgrade paths to future PA-RISC and Intel(R) Itanium(TM) Processor Family technologies.
Customers are also given the option to upgrade to future generations of the PA-RISC or Intel Itanium Processor Family architectures should they need it.