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PA-RISCPrecision Architecture-Reduced Instruction Set Computing (HP)
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Assuming the same applications on both platforms, users won't notice much difference when migrating from HP-UX on HP PA-RISC to HP-UX on Intel Itanium 2, says Dan Nordhues, HP's Director of Product Marketing for PA-RISC and Itanium Workstations.
Moving PA-RISC applications to Itanium and achieving increased performance will not be as painless as IT managers may think," says Joe Clabby, President of Clabby Analytics.
Earlier this week, Intel outlined the compatibility features within the IA-64, claiming full binary compatibility with IA-32 in the processor hardware, and binary compatibility through software translation for PA-RISC.
5GHz) delivered a leading score of 25,817, a 71 percent improvement over a 32p HP Superdome on 875MHx PA-RISC scoring 15,025.
The performance increase provided by PA-RISC 8000-based Continuum systems will enable customers in financial services, telecommunications, retail/distribution, transportation, and other industries to handle more demanding applications and workloads, with a system that ensures the highest levels of data and application availability.
program, the purchase of an Exemplar Scalable Parallel Processor (SPP) delivers immediate productivity gains today, and a provision for adding new PA-RISC processors and other new capabilities as they become available.
Convex is a member of the Precision Risc Organization (PRO), an association of industry-leading companies that promote the use of HP's PA-RISC technology.
Bill Worley, Principal Architect of PA-RISC and PA-Wide Word (the basis for Itanium(R)); and Peter Cranstone, Co-developer of mod_gzip for Apache, to Lead 64-Bit Software Development Company
TPC-C running DB2: the p5-570 system holds the record for the fastest 16-way result, is the only 16-way system in the TPC-C top ten list by performance and beats a 16-way HP Integrity system by 168% and a 64-way HP PA-RISC system by nearly 50% (1).
Based on HP's PA-RISC technology, the Series 700 family features desktop and deskside models with prices beginning at $4,995 (U.
The release of HP-UX 11i v2 provides customers of Itanium-based systems with a proven and complete enterprise-ready operating environment, a full complement of independent software vendor (ISV) applications, the same rich mission-critical functionality that HP-UX provides customers of PA-RISC processor-based systems and full service and support offerings.