PA05Purchasing Agent, Five Thousand
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The PBIS data was very, very helpful." Likewise, PA05 stated:
It [PBIS data] might put someone [students] on the radar who possibly wasn't" (PA05).
How we run PBIS as a school." Concomitantly, PA05 said that achieving RAMP "probably made me a little more data conscious" toward PBIS implementation.
Further, PA05 also expressed that school counselors can support other stakeholders, such as teachers, as they provide direct student services in the advanced tiers, specifically "coaching for people who are implementing this strategy."
I got it to my school, was on the ground level of implementing it, and I have served as the PBIS coach in my school for ten years" (PA04); and, "I'm the coordinator of both [PBIS and RAMP]" (PA05).
As a school, we've been really good at working as a team." PA05 also shared the PBIS leadership collaboratively: "I didn't want PBIS to be seen as a counseling program.
Pliotec PA05 is an acrylic latex for use in tough exterior water-based coatings.