PA11Polyamide 11 (Nylon)
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From historical data on previous installations," Babe said, "Arkema estimates maintenance savings of $6,300 per mile year each year for PA11 pipe--an estimated $18,000 per year savings, compared to steel pipe.
With 40 years of experience in oil and gas transport systems, particularly for offshore flexible pipelines, this specific Rilsan[R] PA11 grade was designed exclusively for onshore oil and gas piping applications.
An interesting difference between PA11 and PA12, beyond the fact that PA11 comes from renewable resources, is their well-known difference in terms of crystallization.
Some of the outstanding properties of PA11 include high impact and abrasion resistance, low specific gravity (about 1.
and the injection grade Rilsan[R] BMN PA11 (produced by Arkema Co.
Compared to PA11 and PA12, the new Radilon D products have improved thermal resistance and much lower levels of unleaded fuel permeation which are the equivalent of PA6.
This was also said to be a limiting factor with a paper by Phoenix Rubber Industrial on bonding rubber to PA11 and PVDF for hoses.
Recently, several gas companies have installed PA11 systems for 200 psig service.
Send your tape to: Rock 2000 Contest, PO Box 9216, Bridge of Weir, Renfrewshire, PA11 3YF.
1 ABS Nuremberg - Ebenfeld route PA13 5952, Streckenbau 1,000 km-8,000 km and PA11 bridges ee Frankenschnellweg 4,265 km and STP Schwabacher StraE-e 4,428 km; (Z0220-86).
SHIMLA COTTAGE 3 Torr Road, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3BE 22/25 ?
For instance, ACM//PA TPV was recently evaluated in the replacement of PA11 and olefin-based TPV in a two-shot molded diesel fuel line sensor.