PAAAPan American Aerobiology Association
PAAAPrice-Anderson Amendments Act
PAAAPan-African Anthropological Association
PAAAPer Aspera ad Astra (Latin: Through Violence to the Star; manga fan site)
PAAAPublic Authority Accountability Act
PAAAPremium Advertising Association of America
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Schniewind to Prufer, Thomas, Fetzer, and Nasse, "Deutsche Beteiligung an der BOD," 10 December 1935, R 92247, PAAA.
PAAA aims to reduce the daily burden of pediatric asthma in Philadelphia by using a community-based approach to implement scientifically proven interventions.
The PAAA coalition involves more than 110 individuals who represent more than 40 stakeholder organizations.
PAAA will receive additional support for conducting Philadelphia MCAN from the Philadelphia Foundation, the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and the Philadelphia Health Management Corporation.
PAAA is composed of stakeholders from health care systems, providers, schools, insurers, community-based agencies, nursing centers, state and local heath departments and parents/caregivers.
In this same year the various efforts of anthropologists involved in PAAAS and QAPAA coalesced in an attempt to organise nationally.
In late 1983, for example, PAAAS hosted a conference on 'Professionalism and Practice in Anthropology' in Yanchep, Western Australia, which was also attended by a number of AAAA members.
No decision was ever reached by either PAAAS or AAAA members about which representative model best suited their needs.
Possible models for an applied anthropology association based on research by Annette Hamilton were circulated to AAS members, along with those previously proposed by Michael Robinson through PAAAS (Hamilton 1986).
The efforts of Western Australian applied anthropologists continued for a few more years but their energy soon petered out and PAAAS was formally disbanded and the final issue of PAAAS Word was published in 1989.
As with PAAAS, the demands of running a professional organisation on a voluntary basis proved too much for the anthropologists involved.