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AAc monomers are polymerized into PAAc, [Fe.sup.3+] and hydrophobic micelles act as physical crosslinker crosslinked PAAc to form a DPC hydrogels.
A set of six different haplotypes limited to the PR (pAAG, pGAC, pAGG, pAAC, pGAG, pAGC) was assayed in MCF-7 cells (Figure 1A and B) and in HEK293FT cells (Figure 1C and D).
Cekilen anteroposterior akciger grafisinde (PAAC) sagda efuzyonla uyumlu goruntu, sag akciger sola itilmis, sol akciger havalanmasi azalmis ve sola dogru mediastinal sift oldugu goruldu (Sekil 1).
(Nasdaq: PAAC) has announced that its shareholders approved the company's potential business combination with Borqs International Holding Corp, a global provider of software and products providing customizable, differentiated and scalable Android-based smart connected devices and cloud service solutions, the company said.
Gibson et al., "Physical Activity Across the Curriculum (PAAC): a randomized controlled trial to promote physical activity and diminish overweight and obesity in elementary school children," Preventive Medicine, vol.
(NASDAQ: PAACU, PAAC, PAACR and PAACW) has signed a definitive merger agreement with Borqs International Holding Corp, in which Borqs will become the operating entity of the combined company, the company said.
Along the way, he joined the Philippine Army Air Corps (PAAC), fought on the battlefields of Bataan, participated in the Death March, and escaped from captivity with the help of kind strangers who gave him food and shelter.
PAAc-g-PDMS films were placed in 10 mg.[mL.sup.-1] of an aqueous solution of (EDC) at room temperature for 2 h to activate carboxyl groups in the grafted PAAc chains.