PAADPharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services)
PAADPalo Alto Advanced Development (Compaq; Palo Alto, CA)
PAADPharmacy Assistance for the Aged and Disabled (New Jersey)
PAADPostoperative Adjuvant Androgen Deprivation Trial (clinical study)
PAADPulsed-Air Arc Deposition
PAADPyridine Aldehyde Adenine Dinucleotide (molecular biology)
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Apesar de o basalto apresentar forma lamelar e textura superficial mais rugosa do que o calcario, na dosagem da PAAD, a quantidade de filer basalto em relacao ao consumo de cimento e menor do que a do filer calcario.
Logo, estas consideracoes justificam a necessidade de uma maior quantidade de superplastificante para que a pasta com adicao de filer basalto atinja os parametros caracteristicos de uma PAAD.
Para atingir o objetivo proposto, sao confeccionadas PAADs com as respectivas adicoes para que, posteriormente, seja possivel uma comparacao do seu comportamento no estado fresco.
703) in the New Jersey Medicare/ PAAD population (Table 3).
Of these, only antilipidemics were used by a substantial proportion (10 percent) of the New Jersey Medicare/ PAAD population and were associated with a 40 percent reduction in one-year mortality.
7% dying in follow-up year * PAAD = Pharmacy Assistance for the Aged and Disabled program.
PAAD beneficiaries are low-income and pay $5 for each prescription.
Jacobs discussed the new education effort, which includes television and print advertisements, a 24-hour PAAD and Senior Gold Hotline (1-800-792-9745) and helpful information -- in both English and Spanish -- on the department's Web site (http://www.
The education initiative, which began today and will continue for a year, is designed to reassure PAAD and Senior Gold beneficiaries about their benefits.
If you're on PAAD or Senior Gold, or care for someone who is, please watch the mail for more instructions from our department.
In October, DHSS will send eligible PAAD and Senior Gold beneficiaries letters telling them which of the approved plans best meets each person's needs, based on the types of medications and the pharmacy that person has been using.
PAAD participants who want to keep their PAAD benefits must select a Medicare plan -- either from among the options presented by department, or a plan of their own choosing -- and return the information to DHSS.