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PAAFProperty Appraisers' Association of Florida, Inc.
PAAFPublic Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (Kuwait)
PAAFProcurement of Ammunition, Air Force
PAAFPan American Air Ferries
PAAFPratica Administrativa da las Autoritads Federalas
PAAFPersonnel Authorisation Assignment Form (oil & gas industry)
PAAFPicture Addicts Anonymous Forum
PAAFPayment Against Available Funds (EFT transactions)
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For more information on the settlement and related accounting treatment, please see the PAAF portion of the MF Global earnings release of October 30, 2007.
The decision also includes a temporary banning importation of all live birds from Portugal due to West Nile fever as well as all species of ruminants from France and Canada banned due to the emergence of bluetongue disease, Deputy Director of PAAF Hanadi Bastaki said in statement.
Deputy Director of PAAF Hanadi Bastaki told the press that there were no cases of LSD at cattle farms in Kuwait.
All incoming consignments to Kuwait must be subjected to PAAF's requirements and restrictions, PAAF Chairperson and Director-General Nabila Al-Khalil said in a press statement.
He said PAAF would exercise its option to take legal measures against those passing around unfounded rumors through the social media networks with the intention to frighten the public.