PAAGPolyacrylamide Gel
PAAGPerformance Assessment Advisory Group (OECD Nuclear Energy Agency)
PAAGPatient Advisory and Advocacy Group
PAAGPurchasing at a Glance (purchasing management system; Vision Software Solutions)
PAAGPublic Art Advisory Group
PAAGProducts at a Glance (McAfee Secure Computing)
PAAGProfessional Agricultural Analysis Group (est. 2009; UK)
PAAGPregnancy-Associated Alpha 2 Glycoprotein
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Zhang's case, which was scheduled in court on Tuesday, is the first civil lawsuit launched in China involving the use of PAAG.
The Chinese government recently banned the use of PAAG, which has not been approved by the drug administration.
China's food and drug administration last month banned the use of PAAG.
It is the first PAAG lawsuit launched in Guangzhou.
McKesson will begin promoting Caraco's pharmaceutical and over-the- counter products each month beginning in April to all McKesson PAAG customers.