PAAIAPublic Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans
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PAAIA said, "Hillary Clinton made what many view as highly offensive and incendiary comments by equating Iranians as her enemy .
Zogby Research Service was commissioned by PAAIA to conduct a telephone survey of Iranian American adults.
Zogby Research Service (formally known as Zogby International) was commissioned by PAAIA to conduct a telephone survey of Iranian American adults.
During the week of Thanksgiving, PAAIA Chapters nationwide will take Persian food, donated by local restaurants and volunteers, to homeless shelters to show that we are thankful for being here together, that we care, and that we wish to give back to America as it has given to us.
This survey serves the same goal by helping us better understand the Iranian American community today, and along with our other outreach and educational activities, puts PAAIA in a position to bring an accurate, unfiltered and direct account of their views to the American public and U.
Because of Iran's current geopolitical image, it has become increasingly important to preserve the culture and positive identity of Iranian Americans, who so passionately work to contribute and support the United States," said Rudi Bakhtiar, former CNN anchor and PAAIA official, who produced the mini series.
This merger is in recognition of the considerable synergies between PAAIA and IAPAC, and will create a unified organization to more effectively serve the Iranian-American community's common interests in the political arena.
Because PAAIA is a new organization, they did not have an existing website or brand to work with.
The morning session focused on international policy, PAAIA said.
This is the fifth such poll sponsored by PAAIA, although the questions asked each year have not been identical.
PAAIA asked Rastegar where RI has had the most impact.