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PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
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Armament: Each PAAMS air defence missile weighs almost as much as a small car
Used to destroy close-in threats such as speedboats and helicopters; 7 Sampson multifunction radar; 8 Electro optical gunfire control system; 9 DLF passive naval decoy system (P&S); 10 PAAMS Sylver surface-to-air vertical launch silos; 11 4.
PAAMS including the SAMPSON radar will be deployed on the Royal Navy's next-generation Type 45 Destroyer.
Additional information and illustrations regarding PAAMS, the Type 45 Destroyer and SAMPSON radar can be found at:
Mercury offered us a solution which will enable the SAMPSON radar to perform the multiple tasks necessary for the prime sensor of the PAAMS system.