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PAAMSPrincipal Anti-Air Missile System
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The Sea Viper missile system mounted on the Type 45 (which benefited from the research and development work done on the trilateral PAAMS) is more advanced and is touted as highly capable, but it has suffered from cost escalation and delay.
Edward Leigh MP, chairman of the Committee of Public Accounts, which has published a report examining the capability provided by the Type 45 Destroyer, said: "It is a disgrace that Daring will enter service in December 2009 without a PAAMS missile having being fired from any Type 45 Destroyer."
The ability to engage sharply maneuvering targets was demonstrated by an Aster 30 missile on June 1, during a test of the naval version of the system, the Principal Anti-Air Missile System (PAAMS), also conducted on the Landes test range.
Approved at the same time were two naval system programmes: the point defence Saam (Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile) and the area defence Paams (Principal Anti-Air Missile System).
French Finance Minister Laurent Fabius and UK Defence Minister Alain Richard also said MBDA was ideally suited to manage Europe's 'ambitious' defence programmes in the missile arena, which include the Meteor air-to-air missile, SCALP and Storm Shadow cruise missiles and PAAMS surface-to-air naval missiles.
The Type 45 frigate will be armed with the PAAMS anti-missile system and an Aster-15 and Aster-30 rocket launcher system.
SAMPSON is part of the ship's Principle Anti-air Missile System (PAAMS), which is currently under development for use aboard next-generation Italian and French vessels as well as UK Type 45 destroyers.
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Armament: Each PAAMS air defence missile weighs almost as much as a small car