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PAANPhysician Assistant AIDS Network
PAANPan African Airlines Nigeria
PAANPublic Administration Association of Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
PAANPositive African-American Network
PAANPolitical Advanced Analysis Network (software)
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A whopping 87 per cent of KT readers, who voted in our online poll (by 5pm), said they supported the Dh1,000 fine for spitting paan.
He added: "It is illegal to sell or import niswar and paan because the drugs are banned in the UAE.
The municipality campaign was carried out in commercial areas and worker's accommodations to raise awareness against the harmful side-effects of paan products.
that) has been attributed to chewing gutkha and paan masala".
Paan is a mouth freshener made of betel leaf and consists of chopped betel nuts and a variety of perfumes and spices slaked with lime and assembled into a quid sealed with paste.
Chewing tobacco or betel quid, also called paan or pan, with or without tobacco also increases your risk of cancer of the oesophagus.
A Myanmar nongovernmental organization called the Karen Human Rights Group issued an online news bulletin Sunday saying over 700 villagers living in Paan District fled their homeland between Tuesday and Friday ahead of a weekend offensive launched against the Karen National Liberation Army camp in the area.
The leaves of the fast-growing vine are widely chewed with tobacco, cloves or with the hard areca nut in a popular mixture known as paan, which promotes a reddish saliva.
Summary: Bain & Company, the global business consulting firm, has announced the appointment of Jean-Marie PAan to the position of Chairman Middle East.
In northern India paan is often eaten after a meal or offered to guests.
As part of a cultural tradition, some members of the South Asian communities chew paan, a mix of tobacco and betel nut shavings with sweet or savoury flavourings.
Most of the time only chicken and beef entree items are available, though some tasty fish buns (malu paan, 89 cents each) and fish patties (70 cents each) from the ``short eats'' list have been on hand during two recent visits.