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PAANPhysician Assistant AIDS Network
PAANPan African Airlines Nigeria
PAANPublic Administration Association of Nepal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
PAANPositive African-American Network
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Iqbal was given a five-day imprisonment in 2013 by a magistrate for selling paan, an assortment that includes areca nut and tobacco wrapped in betel leaf, and other items during the time of the fast in violation of the ordinance.
Betel nuts and its derivatives are popular among people from South Asia and the Indian subcontinent which, combined with tobacco and other ingredients, are used to make the mild narcotic 'paan'.
The 12 samples included four common variants of supari (areca nut alone) (S1-4), paan masala (PM1-4) and gutka (G1-4) (Table-1).
Results of current study were in accordance with study of Akhtar et al who found similar association between paan chewing and OSCC in south Asian populations.9
He later told the RAK criminal court that he did sell paan and naswar mainly among the Asian communities and schools.
2a shows FT-IR spectrum of PAAN with no absorption peaks at 1660 cm-1 for COCl functionality while there are absorption peaks at 3270 cm-1 and 1610 cm-1 corresponding to N-H stretching and amidic C=O groups, respectively.
In a year, payments at the paan shop will happen through this," Nilekani told reporters here.
Types of chewing tobacco are as follows: Paan, mainpuri tobacco, mawa, mishri, zarda, gudakhu, and gutka.
Betel leaf is also known as Paan ka patta meaning the leaf used to make "paan".
Varanasi: When superstar Shah Rukh Khan grooved to the song Khaike Paan Banaraswala in 2011 film Don 2 little did he know that seven years later he will have a 'paan' named after him.
Smokeless tobacco users estimated in India and Pakistan together are around 100 million.9 Common forms of SLT used in Pakistan include Paan (Betel quid), Gutka, and Snuff, Naswar, Main Purhi and Mava.10 SLT use is integral to Pakistani culture.
" There is a big difference between the prices of local and imported ' paan' simply because a duty of ` 250 per kilo is levied on the import," a source said.