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The results indicated that the MASNZ respondents required mild or moderate reactions to be present for longer (mean 16, SD 26 days) than the PAANZ respondents (13, SD 10 days) before making the decision to report.
Unlike the PAANZ group the MASNZ respondents weighted permanence (50%) and loss of function (50%) above that of the need for medical intervention as important factors in their decision to report an adverse reaction.
A sample bias may be inferred by the utilisation of the PAANZ and MASNZ groups who had accessible secreteriats known to the author at the time of the survey.
However, it may also be argued that PAANZ and MASNZ members are more likely to report adverse reactions than non-members due to their commitment to postgraduate education and professional development, their ready access to policy documents on acupuncture safety, along with exposure to professional newsletters.
PAANZ members have had safety guidelines updated (PAANZ 2011 and 2013) and presentations on ARA definitions in special interest group conferences.