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The method presented here can potentially be scaled for a large variety of available PAAO types with different pore geometries and sample sizes.
The PAAO membranes were produced on bulk 0.25 mm thick high purity (99.999% GoodFellow) electropolished aluminum sheet using a two-stage ano-dization protocol [12] in 0.3 M sulfuric acid solution at constant voltage 20 V as described elsewhere [22].
The PAAO coated Al sheet (9x18 [mm.sup.2]) was immersed in the colloid (Fig.
For the demonstration of the surface morphology role in array formation, a series of samples was produced at the same withdrawal velocity and set of temperatures on a flat electropolished aluminum substrate instead of PAAO (Fig.
In contrast, large aggregates are nearly absent if deposition is done under identical conditions on the PAAO surface (Fig.
The colloid deposition on the PAAO surface in the dip-coating process involves multiple mechanisms and competing forces, such as particle--particle and particle-substrate interactions, convection, and water-air surface tension, which is beyond the scope of this article (see detailed description in [23]).
Hence individual nanodiamonds on PAAO could be potentially detected using higher resolution techniques such as confocal, nearfield, or stochastic reconstruction microscopy methods.
PAAO MATT puani, SCL-90'in tum alt olcekleri ve genel belirti indeksi puani ile dogrusal korelasyon gostermistir.
Yasam boyu TSSB tanisi alan grupta (n=33, %32) PAAO toplam puani ve 4.
PAAO toplam puaninin bagimli degisken oldugu SCL-90 ve MATT puanlarinin bagimsiz degiskenler oldugu linear regresyon modelinde Obsesif belirtilerin siddeti asermeyi belirleyen tek degisken oldu (B=3.83, S.H.=0.71, Beta=0.47, t=5.41, p<0.001) (F=29.31, p<0.001, d.f.=1.101, R2=0.22) (gosterilmedi).