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PAAPPlatelet Aggregation-Associated Protein
PAAPPersonal Asthma Action Plan
PAAPPhysical Activity Action Plan (Keighley, UK)
PAAPPlan Ahead and Prepare (rap)
PAAPParticle Astrophysics Advisory Panel
PAAPProtein Amino Acid Phosphorylation
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Paap, the celebrated Dwarf, might have lived and died happily in the cabin, which was fitted with common sash-windows like an ordinary dwelling-house.
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The Ocean Bay PAAP 428 project is an excellent example of Community Recovery intent on learning from the lessons of Sandy, and moving forward in a manner that sets the standard for resiliency nationwide," said FEMA's NY Sandy Public Assistance Branch Chief Claude Hyacinthe.
While they were given their passes, the manager sternly told me Mr Chunky Pandey's pass would be handed only to the actor himself!" Chunky entered Bollywood in the eighties and quickly became a saleable hero of multistarrer potboilers such as Aankhen , Aag Hi Aag and Paap Ki Aandhi , before his career slowed down.
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For the sake of brevity, we only report the coefficients and the t-statistics for IV_MLSDUMMY (Column (4)) and IV_VRRATIO (Column (5)) along with the Shea's Partial [R.sup.2], the F-test of excluded instruments, the LM version of the Kleibergen-Paap rank statistic (Kleibergen and Paap, 2006), and the correlation coefficients between the instrumented variables, the instruments, and the ratio of bank debt to total debt.
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