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PAARPittsburgh Action Against Rape (Pittsburgh, PA)
PAARPractical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (workshop)
PAARProyecto de Administración de Áreas Rurales (Rural Land Management Project)
PAARPlant and Animal AgroSecurity Research
PAARProduct Assurance Action Report
PAARProblem Analysis, Resolution and Ranking
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Aar Paar is a praiseworthy effort primarily because Afridi is a street smart guy.
Quantachrome will continue operations in Florida under the umbrella of the Anton Paar Group.
Anton Paar Group said Quantachrome's products are a perfect addition to Paar's product portfolio in particle characterisation.
Hier bou Isabel 'n wereldbekende sonar-praktyk op waar sy werk tot haar aftrede 'n paar jaar gelede.
Trouens, die Afrikaanse letterkunde is die afgelope paar jaar gevoed met tekste wat juis binne skryfskole of -programme ontstaan het.
Existing Petrotest customers will now benefit from the renowned high quality of Anton Paar's service and support, through a network of sales partners and 20 subsidiaries around the world.
Table 3 Return and risk characteristics of stock portfolios based on their MVs of the previous year Year Low High Statistical Statistical DYs DYs significance significance of the of the differences differences of the of the PAARs SDs PAAR SD PAAR SD t-statistic Probability (1) (p) of Equal Variances * 2003 0.359 0.397 0.386 0.372 -0.411 0.298 2004 -0.406 0.446 0.009 0.326 -6.324 (a) 0.005 2005 0.336 0.497 0.422 0.323 -1.240 0.000 2006 0.269 0.399 0.139 0.473 1.814 (b) 0.925 2007 -0.010 0.353 -0.101 0.374 1.553 (c) 0.685 2008 -0.681 0.355 -0.909 0.513 3.207 (a) 0.999 Average -0.022 0.433 -0.009 0.486 -0.145 0.404 (2003- 2008) MV is the market value of equity of the year t-1.
Being half a century old, "Understanding Media's" many then-contemporary, culturally relevant references used for illustration (Jack Paar?) are lost to time, and to my students.
Pensacola, FL, August 25, 2011 --( Paar Media Group, a progressive, full-service marketing communications agency, announced today the launch of their new website:
When he was in jail for Siddarth's murder, he won the assembly polls in Panna district's Pawai seat with a simple slogan coined by his sidekicks: ' Muhar lagegi haathi paar, varna goli padegi chaati paar' (Cast your vote in favour of the elephant (his election symbol), or else a bullet will go through your chest).
While climate change campaigners say global warming is the planet's biggest danger, physicist Vladimir Paar says most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice.
referred to as the partnership anti-abuse rule ("PAAR"), (20)