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PAARPittsburgh Action Against Rape (Pittsburgh, PA)
PAARPractical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (workshop)
PAARProyecto de Administración de Áreas Rurales (Rural Land Management Project)
PAARProduct Assurance Action Report
PAARProblem Analysis, Resolution and Ranking
PAARPlant and Animal AgroSecurity Research
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And like Anton PAAR, he also views the sales force's technical competence as key.
Paar as new Kasowitz Benson partners are William E.
Hier bou Isabel 'n wereldbekende sonar-praktyk op waar sy werk tot haar aftrede 'n paar jaar gelede.
Die laaste dag wou ek nog gou binne 'n paar uur met die Louvre klaarspeel, terwyl Petrus na die Orangerie wou gaan kyk.
Ek moes eendag 'n paar toeriste van oorsee af behandel," onthou sy, "en hulle moes oornag by die kliniek; hulle het vir my gese dat hulle diep be'i'ndruk was met die sorg en diens.
When he was in jail for Siddarth's murder, he won the assembly polls in Panna district's Pawai seat with a simple slogan coined by his sidekicks: ' Muhar lagegi haathi paar, varna goli padegi chaati paar' (Cast your vote in favour of the elephant (his election symbol), or else a bullet will go through your chest).
While climate change campaigners say global warming is the planet's biggest danger, physicist Vladimir Paar says most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice.
The PAAR, in basic terms, authorizes the Internal Revenue Service
The zero-shear viscosities were determined by creep testing in an Anton Paar MCR 501 rotational rheometer using a 25 mm diameter parallel plate geometry.
When you invest in Pentagon FCU or Navy FCU, you're also investing in the Eastern Financials, too," said Lou Paar, partner at the New York-based Sandler O'Neill and Associates.
Vaggy's most popular Bollywood remixes include songs from popular films including Tere Bina from Kal Kisne Dekha, O Jaana from Raaz 2, Jai Jai Shiv Shankar, Masakali, Marjaani from Billo Baber, Maa Da Ladla and Desi Girl from Dostana, Saat Samundar Paar, Singh Is Kinng, Bachnaa Ayee Haseno, Jee Karda and Dil Dance Maare.
n Paar Stenbaack is a Finnish former Minister of Foreign Affairs and a former Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.