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PAATProgramme Against African Trypanosomiasis
PAATProtection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology
PAATPhysical Activity Assessment Tool (interactive patient study)
PAATPulmonary Artery Acceleration Time
PAATPersonnel Administrative Assistance Team
PAATPeople Are Animals Too
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According to Paat, Meta Integration is the Swiss Army knife of application programming interfaces, allowing the value of Sypherlink's products to be realized immediately through its seamless integration.
While she is recognized as a powerful hitter, Galanza had the luxury of sharing the responsibility with the likes of Paat, Bang Pineda and Amanda Villanueva before.
While with Commsys, "Rehan became a subject matter expert in the software, systems and operations which enable local and state law enforcement agencies to share data among systems and with their state agencies," said Paat.
Paat, for her part, re-joined her university team Adamson in the UAAP.
For those who are new to the Alexander Technique, PAAT runs introductory evening classes, as well as offering individual lessons.
child growth and development, role of play, child discipline and guidance) closely parallels the concepts measured by the PAAT and the AAPI.
But we will keep continuing our struggle,'' Paat said.
According to Paat, Pingel will focus on developing and managing relationships with key partners and prospects within the industry, with the goal of providing integrated Sypherlink NIEM solutions.
Shaya Adorador, with the help of Seth Rodriguez, denied Mylene Paat at the top for UE's 14-11 lead.
Mylene Paat spearheaded the Lady Falcons in a 12-1 blast to grab the upperhand from a 9-5 deficit to a 17-10 lead that served as a pivotal point in the fourth frame.
Padda already tweaked the rotation of the Lady Falcons, led by Jema Galanza, Chiara Permentilla, Myleen Paat, Eli Soyud, Lea Perez and setter Fen Emnas.
Myelene Paat led the Lady Falcons with 15 points, Jema Galanza added 14 while Joy Dacoron and Chiara Permentilla added 11 and 10 respectively.