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PAATProgramme Against African Trypanosomiasis
PAATProtection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology
PAATPhysical Activity Assessment Tool (interactive patient study)
PAATPulmonary Artery Acceleration Time
PAATPersonnel Administrative Assistance Team
PAATPeople Are Animals Too
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Paat built her performance with nine attacks while Robins-Hardy also had four aces and eight excellent sets.
The tie-up of opportunists wants a helpless government because its mantra is - Jaat, paat japna; janta ka maal apna."
Paat, a national team mainstay, chipped in 12 spikes, five blocks and two aces for 19 points, while Rachel Anne Daquis and Anastasia Artemeva delivered nine and five points, respectively.
Our goal is to bring best-in-class training standards for our pilots and establish a leadership role for continuous learning and development for aviation professionals in the Philippines through PAAT, our joint venture with CAE.
For those who are new to the Alexander Technique, PAAT runs introductory evening classes, as well as offering individual lessons.
''But we will keep continuing our struggle,'' Paat said.
Daquis topscored with 18 points, while Paat had 17 and Robins-Hardy 15 aside from tossing 24 excellent sets.
Rachel Ann Daquis, Mylene Paat and Alohi Robins-Hardy all scored in double digits to lead the HD Spikers to a sweet revenge over the Tornadoes following a 27-25, 23-25, 20-25, 19-25 loss back in the first round.
Then, they stepped on the gas late in the fifth set with a 13-9 lead from Ces Molina's kill and Aiza Maizo Pontillas block on Mylene Paat before Rondina delivered.
National athlete Mylene Paat also made her presence felt with 26 points, much to the delight of head coach Edgar Barroga who said that the rest of the team must also step up.
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According to detail, the ATC Nausheroferoze announced the judgement of robbery and on proved guilty awarded 31 years imprisonment to both accused Asif Paat and Meeral Paat and imposed fine of Rs 50,000 each,