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PAATProgramme Against African Trypanosomiasis
PAATProtection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology
PAATPhysical Activity Assessment Tool (interactive patient study)
PAATPulmonary Artery Acceleration Time
PAATPersonnel Administrative Assistance Team
PAATPeople Are Animals Too
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For those who are new to the Alexander Technique, PAAT runs introductory evening classes, as well as offering individual lessons.
Interestingly, the Mangku Bumi had considerable influence in the five most-downriver Embaloh settlements--Ulak Pauh, Paat, Nanga Sungai, Teliai, and Benua Ujung--where many of his mother's kin lived.
child growth and development, role of play, child discipline and guidance) closely parallels the concepts measured by the PAAT and the AAPI.
But we will keep continuing our struggle,'' Paat said.
According to Paat, Pingel will focus on developing and managing relationships with key partners and prospects within the industry, with the goal of providing integrated Sypherlink NIEM solutions.
The festivities at Grupat Temple started with Puja Paat followed by the traditional Holi, an extravaganza of colours.
In PAAT (also called "data pass") you do not think you bought anything, because you did not pay with cash, you did not write a check, you did not use a credit card.
GROUNDED: Hearts' Stephane Adam and Gary Smith; NO PAAT ON THE BACK: Mixu Paatelainen can't believe he fluffed a penalty chance to beat Hearts; OFF YOU FLO: Thomas Flogel is shown the red card by ref Stuart Dougal after his foul on Stuart Lovell
Version 6 takes Harvester to a new level," said Sypherlink CEO, James Paat, "and continues to build on our goal of providing customers a highly valuable and comprehensive suite for reducing the time, effort and cost associated with every data integration and conversion effort.
Become an exhibitor at the 2015 CAGC Summit EXPO by contacting Ed Paat at 704/372-1450 ext.
Thousands of followers of Sikh religion across the globe especially from India and different parts of Pakistan attend their religious festival of Besakhi every year to perform Akhand, Paat Sahib, Phog, Ardas and Hukam Nama.
PAAT ON THE BACK: Mixu gets the second goal against Hearts at Easter Road