PAAWPeople Assisting Animal Welfare (est. 2000; Youngsville, LA)
PAAWPerforming Arts and Artists Worldwide (arts resource website; est. 1998)
PAAWPet Adoption Alternative of Warren (Warren, MI)
PAAWPolicy Approving Authority Workstation
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This was a more favorable construction, designed by Peter Paaw and opened in 1597.
Implementing these accounts requires the creation of a new kind of derivative security (which they call a PAAW for Personal Annuitized Average Wage security)--it pays its owner one inflation-corrected dollar during every year of life after the fixed retirement date, multiplied by the economy wide average wage at the retirement date.
Animal show, PAAW, presented by Llyr Evans and Bedwyr Rees will also have a regular slot, as will a new series of Labordy 54321, the crazy laboratory where anything can and does happen.