PAAYProud African American Youth
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140 Pero Velho de Taveroos 144 Maram Soarez 145 Paay Soarez de Taveroos 151 Martin Soarez 173 175 Ayras Corpancho Vease Goncalves 1976:29 y 55-56 (la cursiva es nuestra).
5) Pal Soarez Ay Paay Soarez, venbo-vos rogar 145-150 Pal Soarez Cantigas de amor (fasc.
Cheated Dutch Playboy head editor Jan Heemskerk confirmed Paay's pictures are "sexy, daring and amazing".
This summer, Paay was frontpage news in Holland after her husband - who is 15 years her junior - cheated on her with a younger woman.
Paay and her now ex-husband Adam Curry, 45, were married for almost 21 years before he left her for actress Micky Hoogendijk, 39, who appeared in 2005 comedy Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.
Paay has agreed to bare all for the raunchy men's magazine at the age of 60.
Sexy Paay in turn revealed that she loved doing the shoot.