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PABPanama Balboa (ISO currency code)
PABPersonal Address Book (Microsoft Outlook)
PabPyrococcus Abyssi
PABPolyclonal Antibody
PABPhiladelphia Architects and Buildings
PABPodcasters Across Borders (Ste-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, Quebec, Canada)
PABPrivate Activity Bond
PABPlanning Advisory Board
PABPick A Brick (Lego shop)
PABPennsylvania Association of Broadcasters
PABPeek A Boo (children's game)
PABPatti Ann Browne (TV news anchor)
PABPublic Accountants Board (Singapore)
PABPassenger Air Bag
PABPunk Ass Bitch
PABPerforming Arts Building (Virginia Tech)
PABPrior Authorization of Benefits
PABProjected Available Balance
PABPatrick Air Force Base (Florida)
PABProgramming and Activities Board (Associated Students of Arizona State University; Phoenix, AZ)
PABPublic Affairs Branch
PABProtected At Birth (neonatal tetanus)
PABPension Appeal Board (Canada Pension Plan)
PABPremature Atrial Beat
PABPain Assessment Battery
PABPeanut Advisory Board
PABPayback's A Bitch
PABParts Advisory Board
PABPayment Arrangement Broken
PABPhysical Address Buffer
PABPassive Aggressive Behavior (psychology)
PABPerformance Assurance Board (Elexon Ltd.; UK)
PABProgressive Adult Beverage (alcohol product)
PABPoster Audit Bureau
PABPlant and Animal Biotechnology
PABProperty Accounting Branch (NAVCOMPT)
PABPeripheral Attack Bomber
PABPointe Aux Barques (Michigan)
PABPer Ardua Beagles (UK)
PABPostapplication Bake
PABPreliminary as Built
PABPercutaneous Aspiration Biopsy
PABPolyaspartate Biopolymer
PABPersonal Accident Benefits (insurance coverage)
PABPersonal Acting Body
PABProduct Assurance Board (Indian Space Research Organisation)
PABPosterior Axillary Boost (radiotherapy)
PABProvincial Adjudication Board
PABPeople Against Boredom (Riverside, CA band)
PABProsecuting Attorney's Board
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A licence agreement has been signed allowing PAB to use the innovative HFQ technology for forming parts.
We are pleased to provide a unique and convenient access point in the Autobahn App Market for PAB and their clients to extract more value from their USD cash flows,' said Nancy So, Asia Pacific head of Cash Management for Financial Institutions Sales, Deutsche Bank.
13 * Total Light Beers (Excl PAB Light Brands) Light Beer Sales Performance Total U.
A PAB should include a brief overview of the intervention's theoretical, conceptual or policy-related background.
Bu grupta pulmoner damar direnci dusuktur (<3 woods unitesi) ve ortalama PAB ile PKUB arasi gradiyent farki yoktur (transpulmoner basinc gradiyenti (TBG) <12 mmHg).
PAB marketing director Tara Holt said: "We have been advised by the Carbon Trust and are now looking at steps to become carbon neutral, which is a major goal for us in 2008.
In essence the process of PAB calibrator value assignment consists of transferring the value from the reference material CRM470 (7,8) to a multilevel set of internal working calibrators (IWC), and then from the IWCs to the end-use calibrators during their production.
PAB is an administrative tribunal whose role is to review Final Action documents prepared by patent examiners who are processing patent applications.
The PAB Group, which employs almost 100 people across its two sites in Coventry and Rugby, identified the need to move towards more streamlined purchasing and operational processes, in order to improve efficiency and add value to its blue chip client base of Europe's leading automotive manufacturers.
Only PAB member auditors could submit opinions to the SEC, and they would be subject to regular review by the PAB staff.