PABARPennsylvania Bar Association
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In 2002's election, Azizullah Barhoi from Larkana was given this constituency by the MQM and later, in the 2004 by-polls, Nisar Pabar, who was also from Larkana, won the NA seat.
For more information, refer to Pacode,com; PaBar,org; the Pa Bar Ethics Hotline at 800/932-0311, ext.
Tenders are invited for Providing and installation of target posts at G & D sites Paonta,Haripur, Tuini(tons), Tuini (Pabar), Meenus (Khad), Meenus (Tons), Attal, Purola, Naugaon, Ganguwala, Kuthnor, Yamunapal,Kalsi, Sabhawala, Renukaji (4 Nos.