PABEPublic Perceptions of Agricultural Biotechnologies in Europe
PABEPakistani American Business Executives (Torrance, CA)
PABEPennsylvania Association of Bar Executives
PABEPulmonary Artery Branches Embolism (vascular medicine)
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For the stations RAF, MTSE and VSU 23 records of seismic events, for the station MEF 16 records, for the station SLIT 13 records and for the PABE and PBUR stations 6 records have been used.
Estimates of the relationship are made for four (VSU, SLIT, PABE, PBUR) and six (VSU, SLIT, PABE, PBUR, SUW, MTSE) stations (Fig.
Weldon, 'Public perceptions of agricultural biotechnologies in Europe: final report of the PABE research project'.