PABITRAPacific-Asia Biodiversity Transect Network
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Since validity cannot be assessed directly, due to the lack of 'ground truth' in human (linguistic) judgment, the only thing we can assess is the reliability of annotation as indicating validity of the tags assigned (Plaban, Pabitra and Anupam 2000).
However, this result is higher than the recorded number of herpetofauna in Fiji PABITRA sites [36] and in California [37].
One of them, Pabitra Mohan Pradhan, a native of Nayagarh district to which Panda belongs, was allegedly carrying a letter from his wife Subhashree alias Milli who joined the Ama Odisha Party on the eve of last elections.
Pabitra Das, who resides in Dubai, said: "Although it is convenient to have a direct flight, people flying to other big cities in India have more options.
Performers include actress and singer Komal Oli, comedian Jitu Nepal, singer Dinesh Gautam and actress Pabitra Acharya.
Pabitra Gangopadhyay, an impoverished writer from a middle-class Bengali Hindu background, had been dismayed by the loyalty displayed to the imperial war effort by the leaders of the Indian National Congress, the principal organisation and platform of Indian nationalist opinion.
The authors are thankful to Professor Pabitra Chattopadhyay, Department of Chemistry, Burdwan University, for his moral support, encouragement, and guidance.
Sixth one was Pabitra Sanseth, wife of Bijay Kumar Sanseth of Madhuguda village.
It was the respectability of the extended family and not just the loving couple that was at the issue.' (39) Here Chakarbarty is describing the pure or pabitra love emulated by the characters in Bengali novels between women who were either widows or having relationships with men other than their husbands.
Pabitra said, "We each paid Rs60,000 (about RO500) to the agent.