PABPPolyadenylate-Binding Protein
PABPPayment Application Best Practices (credit card processing standard)
PABPProximal Arterial Blood Pressure (cardiovascular medicine)
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The Council has also made available to the general public a list of frequently asked questions regarding PA-DSS and the migration of the Visa PABP to the new standard.
Hence, moving forward in order to comply with all the PCI DSS requirements, merchants will have to use PABP compliant POS solutions.
Achieving our PABP compliance is another way that XProtean keeps up with Industry standards and provides state of the art solutions to our current and future customers.
For information on Visa's PABP program visit, http://usa.
Visa developed the PABP to assist software vendors in creating secure payment applications that help merchants and agents mitigate compromises, prevent storage of sensitive cardholder data and support overall compliance with the PCI DSS.
For over four years, CHARGE Anywhere has been providing secure wireless payment solutions to the US market leveraging our PCI PABP compliant POS software applications, infrastructure, and ComsGate[R], the PCI DSS Level 1 secure payment gateway.
PABP applies to software vendors who develop payment applications that store, process or transmit cardholder data as part of authorization or settlement.
PCI SecurityReview Automates and shortens the process for achieving compliance with the application security requirements of PCI-DSS, Visa PABP and PA-DSS in a simple and cost-effective way
First published in April 2008, PA-DSS expands upon PABP to encompass card acceptance devices known as "stand-alone POS terminals," which are commonly used by smaller "level 4" merchants who represent the largest installed base of payment acceptance devices globally.
Developed by VISA, PABP assists software developers in creating secure payment applications and supports overall compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Shift4's PABP validated 3700, 8700, and 9700 drivers support the complete feature suite of the MICROS system with the addition of integrated gift card, PIN debit, signature capture, customer initiated tip, and dynamic currency conversion capabilities.