PABPPolyadenylate-Binding Protein
PABPPayment Application Best Practices (credit card processing standard)
PABPProximal Arterial Blood Pressure (cardiovascular medicine)
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The group toured the PABP complex, a cutting edge of Taiwan's technical and biological prowess.
EZH2: Enhancer of zeste homolog 2 TAC: Transverse aortic constriction PAH: Pulmonary arterial hypertension DMSO: Dimethyl sulfoxide RVSBP: Right ventricular systolic blood pressure PABP: Pulmonary arterial systolic blood pressure DHE: Dihydroethidium Real-time PCR: Real-time polymerase chain reaction ChIP: Chromatin immunoprecipitation ROS: Reactive oxygen species SOD1: Superoxide dismutase 1 HF: Heart failure CVDs: Cardiovascular diseases H3K27me3: Histone H3 lysine 27 trimethylation HW: Heart weight LW: Lung weight BW: Body weight LV: Left ventricle RV: Right ventricle NT: Nitrotyrosine.
Additionally, eIF3 and PABP bind synergistically with in vitro-transcribed, uncapped, and poly(A)-tailed XIAP IRES RNA and recruit ribosomes near the start codon [12] (Figure 3).
USP10 interacts with many proteins localized at polysomes, such as PABPs, HuR, RACK1, and YBX1 [66].
Molecular and functional characterization of ssDNA aptamers that specifically bind Leishmania infantum PABP. PLoS One.
Lu has been leading his research team to develop the PABP for over 15 years.
The PCI SSC developed the PA-DSS based upon the Visa Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) to direct software vendors to create and maintain secure payment applications to reduce vulnerability of merchants and minimize data breaches.
Payment applications should be validated ad compliant with PABP or PA-DSS.
Con la elongacion del tallo de poli A ocurre su union con la PABP (proteina de union a Poli A) que interactua con la eIF4G que entonces, por tener mayor afinidad por la eIF4E, desplaza a la proteina MASKIN que se encontraba unida a esta y a la CPEB.
The third PCI framework, Payment Applications Best Practices (PABP), requires the use of approved payment application software that closely mirrors the objectives of the DSS.
They also claim to be the first to be certified by Visa for PABP (payment application best practices) for secure credit card processing to ensure merchant compliance with the PCI data security standard.
To avoid that problem, Visa strongly recommends that acquirers make merchants aware of its list of payment applications that have been validated as being compliant with the Payment Application Best Practices, which can be found at pabp. Acquirers should also make certain that their small business customers do not use vulnerable payment applications that have been previously identified as storing prohibited data.