PABSPan African Burn Society (est. 2004; South Africa)
PABSPolice Advisory Board for Scotland (UK)
PABSPeninsula Anglican Boys School (Sydney, Australia)
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* Eliminating the alternative minimum tax provision on PABs, which the proposal claims will stimulate demand and lower cost for issuers.
The bill would permit state and local governments to access $5 billion in private activity bonds (PAB) for the financing of critical construction and infrastructure projects for qualified schools, hospitals, courthouses, universities, police stations, and prisons.
PABs; trikuspit regurjitasyon akim hizindan tahmin edildi ve PABs>35 mmHg olmasi PH olarak kabul edildi.
In this study, purified antisera containing polyclonal antibodies (PAbs) against TYLCV-CP and African cassava mosaic virus-coat protein (ACMV-CP) were used in IC-PCR for ToLCNDV detection.
The Trump-backed plan to lift the cap on PABs, she said, "was a nod to" her group's proposals.  
The SWCNT-based biosensor immobilized with pAbs was then rinsed with PBS buffer (pH 7.4).
Rabbit polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) against TrkB (1: 100), p-TrkB (1:100), and Akt (1: 200) were obtained from Millipore (Billerica, MA, USA).
The primary antibodies used in this study were rabbit polyclonal antibodies (pAbs) raised against a recombinant secreted version of human C4.4A, Haldisin [13, 15, 34] and K14 peptide [35], and mouse monoclonal antibodies recognizing domains I + II of C4.4A [21], K10 clone RKSE60 (Cedarlane Laboratories), laminin-5 [gamma]2 (Millipore), [beta]-catenin (Santa Cruz), and anti-a3 subunit of integrin clone Hb-8530 (VM2).
On the other hand, in the regression method diets with increasing levels of P are provided to the animals and the EBLP are determined by the intercept of the relationship between absorbed P (PABS) and PING (Fan et al., 2001).
(6) Moreover, financial instruments, such as private activity bonds (PABs) and Transportation Infrastructure Financing and Innovation Act (TIFIA) loans, were created to encourage private investment in infrastructure.
Significantly, the legislation would revise the federal tax code to exempt private activity bonds (PABs) used for water and wastewater projects from the volume cap enforced by the IRS.
People's cries are not heard, PABs do as they please