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PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Automated Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Access Branch Exchange (less common)
PABXPrivate Area Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Analogue Branch Exchange (less common)
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A Data Consult survey of several PABX users and suppliers shows that the PABX is mostly used by private companies and hotels.
Two MICOM INSTANET6600 data PABXs with 3,000 channels, coupled with four INSTABUS1080 direct host attachments and 60 INSTRATRUNK480 T1 local multiplexors, permit 100-percent connectivity among all school-owned equipment, including more than 300 personal computers, 1,000 graphic devices, 1,000 non-graphic devices and approximately 200 printers at locations throughout the campus.
ADNOC Signs Contract with EMW for Annual Maintenance and Support of PABX System
A traffic analysis and a five-year growth projection compiled by the PABX vendor showed the orchestra needed about 90 telephone lines, with 40 of them immediately.
ASCOM TELE-NOVA has developed a number of soft and hardware solutions that aid system convergence using radio paging, DECT and PABX infrastructures.
Designed to provide everything that an SME would need to trade efficiently, FIT4Business offers a portal site that combines a range of telephony and Internet services including PABX systems and mobile phones with business tariffs for fixed line and mobile calls, Internet access and web site solutions.
Major internal voice needs include linking all PABX and key systems for intra-company communications, transmitting after-hours calls to a central Green Bay location, and facilitating critical communications with power plants, substations, and land mobile base stations.
XOU Solutions provides network inventory management and asset discovery software that audits client data networks, creating an inventory of network hardware, PABX switches and LAN assets and enabling more efficient management of network and IT assets and their associated maintenance costs.
For users acquiring a new digital PABX for example, 100% knowledge is heavy on the PABX's practical application for day-to-day needs of various user departments, as well as vendor qualifications.
In addition, the company will use VocalTec's Essentra CX, a scalable carrier-grade media gateway controller, to enable the termination of their IP traffic to the PSTN as well as for the termination of legacy PABX traffic to PSTN by CX (IUA and M3UA).