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PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Automated Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Access Branch Exchange (less common)
PABXPrivate Area Branch Exchange
PABXPrivate Analogue Branch Exchange (less common)
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It also has plans in the near future to upgrade its Avaya PABX system to the latest version which will better suit its business needs.
According to the company, the project will involve Affiniti maintaining the PABX equipment in England and Wales, performing remote diagnostics on faults and dispatching engineers to perform onsite diagnostics if required.
A wide range of other PABX features will also be provided to all network users as a result of ISDN operations, including camp-on with call-back, call forwarding, calling-name display, predetermined night-answer routing, and message-detail recording at any switch.
Too often the telecomm manager will take the simple request of his/her boss, say the vice president of administration, for a replacement PABX at face value.
Maintenance and operation of the PABX base, hardware and related software and fixed telephones and the video conference server of the University Paris-Est-Crteil-Val-de-Marne (UPEC)
The platform can be used in applications such as Cellular 2G/3G and PABX TDM backhaul, leased line replacement, and service provisioning in multi-tenant/multi-dwelling units (MTU/MDU) environments.
Expression Of Interest for the Provision of replace and upgrade of PABX Hardware and Software.
UK-based Exide Technologies has launched Marathon, its new range of standby batteries for PABX systems.
Using Calypso ASC with Asterisk enables the user to switch seamlessly from the GSM cellular tower to the WiFi Access Point without interruption and at the same time the Calypso C1250i WiFi-GSM Dual Mode VoIP Smart cellular phone will work like a PABX extension.
Tenders are invited for Provision of telecommunication services in fixed telephony and holding a PABX system for the Tax Office in Olsztyn and the tax authorities of the Warmia-Mazury.
B-Centrex is a comprehensive IP Centrex offer, encompassing all the classical PABX functionalities as well as Telephony/IT convergence features; B-Centrex enables substantial savings on the bulk of the enterprise telephony budget (communications, subscription fee and switchboard).
The T-Metro was designed for high-speed and high performance Metro Ethernet Access Rings and Networks and can be used in applications such as Cellular 2G/3G and PABX TDM backhaul; leased line replacement and service provisioning in multi-tenant/multi-dwelling units (MTU/MDU) environments.